I Accepted Jesus, Now What? | Next Steps For New Believers

Accepting Jesus opens the door to an intimate relationship that we were made for. Here are some Next Steps to help you begin your relationship with God.


Weekly Wisdom 3.27.17

Do you know someone who only contacts you when they need something? Would you consider them a close friend? Probably not. A close friend will call on you when they are in need, but not only when they are in need. A close friend will contact you just because. They want to know how you are doing and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wisdom 3.11.17

God is bringing us in to a deeper level: A greater awareness of His presence, a greater intimacy with Him, a greater understanding of who we are and a greater boldness to go after Him and His people for His Kingdom.

The Power of a Testimony

Nonetheless, Jesus died for you and rose again to give you hope where there was none and new life where there was only death. Now you are a new, free person in Christ – That’s something to shout about!

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