Weekly Wisdom 7.20.17

A few weeks ago I posted about how God directs my route each morning. You can read about it here: Weekly Wisdom 6.27.17. As I was getting ready for work the other day, God was changing all of my plans. I picked out my clothes the night before, I planned to bring coffee from home. I even planned to take “Route B” to work. As I was getting dressed, He picked out my clothes and accessories, and He said, “I am doing something new.” He also told me to stop and pick up coffee. Rather than argue or resist I said, “Okay, Lord” and I got dressed, and left the house.

As I was driving the Lord told me to take a route that is even scarier than Route B. We Orlandoians call it i-4. Now if you know me, you know I avoid i-4 like the plague. I stress out when I’m driving on i-4. It’s morning traffic. People are racing to get to work. It’s under construction and people drive crazy. It’s a hot mess. When I’ve taken i-4 in the past, I’ve always been late and I’ve been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. But I somehow knew that this day was coming, that God would eventually tell me to take “Route C.” This was a test of trust.

To comfort me God said, ” I will not harm you.” This made me think about the Israelites in Exodus 16. God rescued them out of slavery and when they were in the wilderness they complained against God saying that He brought them there to die. That makes no sense. God doesn’t rescue us just to hurt us, that’s not in His character. In the same way, why would God send Jesus to die on a cross for us only to inflict pain on us later? I think sometimes we have a very skewed view of God.

To my surprise, when the Lord told me to take i-4 I wasn’t stressed or afraid at all. As I was driving I noticed that traffic was backed up to get to i-4. A few weeks ago I would have thought to myself, “This sucks. I can’t believe He’s having me go this way,” followed by more complaining. But today was differentI looked at the traffic and thought, “God is bigger than this and I can’t wait to see what He does.” I felt like I just told a mountain to move. I wasn’t phased at all. As soon as I merged onto i-4, traffic appeared to be backed up as well, but I didn’t doubt Him for a second. Before I knew it, I stopped to grab coffee and I made it to work on time.

I know this sounds ridiculous: God directing my route, picking out my clothes, etc., but this isn’t about traffic or style, this is about trusting my Father because He is trustworthy. Since giving my life to the Lord, I’ve struggled to trust Him, but He has shown me time after time that He is faithful. He’s a good Father. He has our best interest at heart.

Trust takes time and God is so patient with us as we get to know His character. I am super excited to share this personal victory with you and I hope that it blesses you in that you will come to trust God in your own time as well. HE’S SO GOOD!


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