Weekly Wisdom 6.20.17

My husband and I were on vacation last week, celebrating our second wedding anniversary. We stayed at a beautiful resort on the beach and it was AMAZING. The property was so massive that they had shuttle buses to take people to different areas of the resort.

One night we were taking the shuttle to dinner and we picked up several people along the way. Each time the driver stopped and opened the door, he would greet each guest with excitement saying, “Come join us, this is a great group of people!” At one stop there was a family holding a pizza box and another passenger made a joke that the their pizza was payment for a ride (clearly, he was hungry). All jokes aside, I was amazed by the driver and how he extended the same excitement and kindness towards each guest.

In that moment, Holy Spirit touched my heart and He showed me that this was a picture of God’s heart for His people. God is on mission to meet people where they are at and bring them alongside of Him.

I’m so thankful that Jesus didn’t pass me by. I’m so thankful that God didn’t look at me and judge me by my appearance or by what I could offer Him. Instead, He looked at me with the eyes of a Father longing to be with His child. God doesn’t want or need payment, Jesus already paid for us on the cross. God just wants us. That’s the heart of our Father God.

We’ve always been His, but our relationship with God was never meant to be kept to ourselves. We are called to be disciples and make disciples. We were made for so much more.


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