Weekly Wisdom 3.27.17

Do you know someone who only contacts you when they need something? Would you consider them a close friend? Probably not. A close friend will call on you when they are in need, but not only when they are in need. A close friend will contact you just because. They want to know how you are doing and they truly enjoy your companionship.

We often only seek God when we are in need. When a trial comes upon us, we become prayer warriors, seeking him constantly. We feel so close to God in the valley seasons, but when God answers our prayers and everything is great, if we are not careful we can forget God and begin to seek Him less.

If we only talk to God when we need something we are missing out on the joy and delight that He is. God answers prayers and He desires to help us, but more than that His desire is for us; to commune with us. He longs to be with us.

Is your desire for God? Do you seek Him for what He can give you or do you seek Him for who He is? Selah


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