The Power of a Testimony

A few months ago, my husband and I were asked to give a video testimony to share how we came to know Jesus and how He set us free. I was extremely nervous to be on camera. I was afraid that I might fumble over my words or forget what I was going to say. I wanted to give God all the glory for all that He has done for me and I didn’t want to leave out any detail of His goodness. After my story aired in service, a friend approached me to talk about it. She was amazed at what I’ve walked through and how God changed my life. I told her that I would love to hear her testimony some time and she replied saying, “Oh, my story isn’t that great.” Then, we parted ways.

This has been burning in my heart for some time now and it makes me wonder how many Christians are holding back because they believe the lie that their story doesn’t matter; that their testimony isn’t ‘good enough’ or ‘miraculous enough,’ therefore, it isn’t worthy to be shared. When we shrink back, we rob God of His glory. When we remain silent, we miss opportunities to share God’s love with lost, hopeless people that we, too, once were.

If I can speak truth directly to your heart, friends, let me clarify that just because you weren’t delivered from a drug addiction or prostitution DOES NOT mean that your testimony doesn’t matter. It DOES NOT mean that your testimony won’t make a difference or an impact. It DOES NOT mean that your testimony doesn’t carry the hope of God. There is power in your testimony. Not because of you, but because of God and who He is.

Sharing your testimony is powerful because:

It leads people to Jesus.

In the book of John, chapter 4, we read about the woman at the well. This ordinary woman encounters Jesus, her life is forever changed and she tells the people in her town about it (John 4:28-29) and people were saved. John 4:39 says that, “Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony.” One, ordinary woman shares her story and many are saved – amazing!

It gives people hope.

Your testimony can be encouraging to someone who is currently experiencing a similar set of circumstances as you. For example, someone could be struggling with finances and you share with them how God provided for you when you were in need. You may think that you have nothing miraculous to share because you didn’t have a radical encounter or you weren’t healed from a disease. Nonetheless, Jesus died for you and rose again to give you hope where there was none and new life where there was only death. Now you are a new, free person in Christ – That’s something to shout about!

It renews our hope.

As we recall all that God has done for us, we remind ourselves of God’s goodness and power working in our lives. When we encourage others we encourage ourselves.  We can all use more encouragement in our lives and when we meditate on who God is and what He has done, we can’t help but share Jesus with others.

No matter how simple you believe your testimony to be, it’s not about you. Your life, your story – it’s all about Jesus and magnifying Him. Our story is His glory and we have so many reasons to sing His praise and shout for joy. Don’t dumb down what God has done in your life. Don’t let small thinking shadow the greatness of God’s power and ability to reach people through you. You are a hope-giver; a world-changer. Someone somewhere needs to hear your story. Everyone everywhere needs the hope that you have, the hope that you have in Jesus.


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